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Did you know that married Employment Pass holders working in Singapore have the option to have their legal spouses and children below 21 years join them in the country if they pass the eligibility criteria? If you’re currently employed and possess a pass, it’s about time you consider getting your spouse and kids a dependent pass in Singapore.

Singapore is one of the richest countries in the world despite its small size. Many foreigners come here in search of greener pastures. Many opportunities await you in this very popular and industrialized country so it’s no surprise that thousands flock here for the opportunities it offers. Here are some of the rewards your spouse and children can avail once they have a dependent pass.


Thousands of tourists visit Singapore every year. It boasts of a unique culture and heritage as evident in the city’s numerous tourist attractions. Your spouse and children will surely enjoy walking the clean and organized streets of the city as well as visit popular destinations like Universal Studios and Sentosa.


One of the many advantages of getting a dependent pass is for your spouse to be able to apply for different job openings. Mind you but Singapore is a very modern country and there are many industries waiting for you to be a part of. Once given a pass, your spouse can work and start searching for jobs suited for his or her qualifications. The employer of the dependent pass holders must apply for a work permit in order for the dependent pass holders to legally work in Singapore.

In the most recent changes made to the dependent pass scheme, holders can now work under work permit category. There is a quota requirements for the employing company but nationality restriction is now waived.


If your spouse has a great chance of getting hired, your children will also gain access to the best schools. Singapore public schools are known for their quality education while there are also dozens of international schools and universities for your children to enrol in. They get to attend classes from reputable institutions under competent teachers. Most importantly, education is affordable in Singapore with many colleges and universities offering scholarships to qualified candidates.

Unique cultural experiences

Singapore has rich culture and traditions you can only experience when you get to live in the country. Your spouse and children will be given a once in a lifetime opportunity to live and experience Singapore and everything it offers. They’ll be exposed to a whole new world with new faces and places plus a different culture from the one they were used to.

It’s not difficult to apply for a dependent pass in Singapore for your spouse and children especially if you have a trusted agency to help you through the whole process. We are here to help you every single step of the way. Give us a call or don’t hesitate to message us through our contact form.


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