Who Is It For?

Employment Pass (EP) is the highest level of work pass category which a foreigner can be issued to work in Singapore. This type of work pass is targeted at highly skilled and well educated professionals, business people of any nationality to do business or work in Singapore.

Key Features of Singapore Employment Pass Work Pass

  • All Employment Pass (EP) applications must be sponsored by a local employer. Foreigners are not allowed to apply for Employment Pass (EP) until the foreigner has found an employer willing to hire him/her. Only the hiring party (employer) or licensed agency is authorised to lodge the applications.
  • The current qualifying salary benchmark (SGD4,500 per month- typically for fresh graduates) has been raised over the years. For more experienced, senior executives and mature foreign applicants, the salary requirements would be higher according to age and experience.
  • The initial approval period is typically 2 years but renewable prior to expiry subject to qualifying conditions.
  • The salary threshold to be able to sponsor dependents is SGD6,000 per month for immediate family members and SGD10,000 per month for parents.
singapore employment pass
  • There are no restrictions in terms of quota for Employment Pass (EP) applications. There is also no levy payable. However, employers with more than 10 employees must advertise the job vacancy first for 28 days at a government job portal known as mycareerfuture  before any Employment Pass (EP) application can commence.
  • Employment Pass (EP) Holders can be shareholders, partners and directors of local companies employing them. 
  • EP cannot be transferred. If Employment Pass (EP) holders wish to change an employer during the term of employment, a fresh application is required to be done by the new employer to the rules of approval prevailing at the time of application.
  • Employment Pass holders are eligible to apply for Permanent Residency after working for several years.

Foreigners without any Job Offers Cannot Apply.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and travel restrictions, the employer may need to apply for first before bringing in Singapore.  The employer is also responsible to comply with all the latest government advisory and guidelines. For example, upon arrivals, successful applicants may need to undergo quarantine first, go for a swab test to obtain a health clearance before proceeding with pass activation and work.

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More information can be found at Ministry of Manpower


What is a Singapore Employment Pass (EP)?

A Work Visa for foreign professional employees or business owners to work in Singapore is called a Singapore Employment Pass.

All application for Employment Pass requires an Employer to sponsor the application. This is a crucial point for all foreign job seekers to take note of before approaching employment pass application agency to process any application.

All foreigners with a job offer from a registered Singapore company can apply provided the salary offered meets the minimum requirements at the point of application adjusted for age. 

Since 1 September 2023, employers must also consider whether they are eligible to hire foreigners on Employment Pass based on a new COMPASS framework where diversity of foreign nationals currently employed and proportion of local employees in the company are taken into account in the assessment process. 

In general, the applicant’s passport copy, verified educational certificate, and employment contract are required to begin the process.

The employer must also provide an authorization letter, ACRA business profile, and data regarding the job posting results.

The application and assessment process can take between 3 to 4 weeks from the point of submission. However, prior to each application, certain employers may be required to put up a job advertisement at MyCareersFuture for 14 days to provide an opportunity for local job seekers to apply for the job.

Since 1 September 2023, if the education qualification of the applicant is to be submitted for consideration, education verification via an external accredited agency is required. If this has not been done, it may take 2 to 3 weeks for this process to take place first.

Our professional service includes the appeal process too. We will analyse the reasons the application is rejected and work with you to frame up an appeal letter justifying why your application should be reconsidered.

In addressing the reasons for rejection, we may require you to elaborate and provide more information and documentation relating to your business and hiring plan including candidate background, etc.

Yes. A foreign director can apply for a Singapore Employment Pass if the business owner/director is required to work or manage his company in Singapore.

However, not all foreigners or businesses are eligible or can be approved. It is advisable that prior to the incorporation of the company, the prospective business owner/ foreign director discuss the likelihood of obtaining approval with a work pass specialist.

In general, EP holder cannot work or become director of more than one local company in Singapore. However, if there is a valid reason, the EP holder can apply for an exemption or a Letter of Consent ( LOC ) from the Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to be a director of another local company if the EP holder is eligible and meets the criteria.

MOM recognises that secondary directorship positions in related companies, e.g. subsidiary, may be critical to the EP holders job role. As such, EP holders may be allowed to take up such secondary director roles through a LOC.

If the secondary directorship position is in an unrelated company, e.g. fund entities, MOM may still grant the LOC if it is relevant to the EP holder’s primary occupation.

It is important to pick the right consultant to support your application to have the highest chance of success.  Our firm is licensed by Singapore Ministry of Manpower and we have been established since 2003. Our team of expert consultants possess expert in-depth knowledge and insights on the latest rules and criteria for approval.

Yes, we provide support in renewing the Employment Pass of your existing employees.

The renewal application process can start 6 months prior to expiry and employers are encouraged to start the renewal process as early as possible.

You can contact us for a free no obligation discussion and assessment before you decide whether to engage our professional service. Once you have decide to engage our service, we will provide you with a list of documents required and our fee quotation for your acceptance and confirmation.