Consent To Work – Who Is It For?

Spouses of Main Pass holders in Singapore are allowed to work either as a work permit holder for an employer or for themselves as small business owners. 

Key Features of Consent To Work (DP holders)

  • Most Main Pass holders earning at least SGD6,000.00 per month are eligible to sponsor their spouses and children as dependent pass holders.
  • Holders of Dependent Passes who wishes to work in Singapore can apply for their own EP or work permit to work for another employer. There is no minimum salary requirement for work permit holders who are also Dependent Pass holders.
  • Dependent Pass holders can also start their own business by incorporating a company or sole proprietorship and then apply for a Letter of Consent to work.
  • The duration of work allowed is tied to the expiry date of the dependent pass.


Eligibility Criteria and Requirements for Consent To Work (DP Holders) 

The spouse who acts as sponsor must be a holder of either the Employment Pass (EP), Personalised Employment Pass (PEP), ONE Pass or S Pass.

  • The Employer sponsoring the dependent pass holders to work as work permit holder must have sufficient local manpower quota.
  • The Employer of dependent pass holders working as work permit holders must pay the applicable monthly levy.
  • Dependent pass holders/ typically spouses of Employment Pass holders intending to start a small business can incorporate a sole proprietorship, limited liability partnership or private limited company. Thereafter, as sole proprietor, partner or director, he or she can apply for consent to work as business owners.
  • There is no minimum salary requirements for dependent pass holders to work as work permit holders or as business owners. 
  • However, if dependent pass holders is running own business, after a period of 1 year, the consent to work can only be renewed provided one local employee has been hired by the business. 


1. Who is this for?

This pass is for spouses of Employment Pass/S Pass/Personalised Employment Pass holders who are interested to start their own business or work for another business in Singapore.

This pass is tied to and approved up to the balance duration of the main pass holders.

It can only be renewed if the pass of the main pass holders is extended.

Yes. The applicant must setup a local business to sponsor the applicant or find a local employer to sponsor the applicant as work permit holder working for the local business.