MOM regularly reviewed the salary and other qualifying criteria from time to time in order to keep pace with the wages of Singaporean professional and technical staff. This is to discourage employers from favouring foreign candidates instead of locals for professional and technical vacancies in Singapore. The current minimum singapore employment pass qualifying salary of SGD3,600.00 per month is benchmarked against the salaries of local university fresh graduates. Foreigners with more years of working experience would be assessed based on higher qualifying salaries consistent with what local professionals of similar work experience would earn. Unlike blue collar workers level work passes, employers in Singapore are not subjected to any specific quota in terms of number local employees they must have employed before they can submit employment pass applications for their foreign applicants. Singapore has always maintained the policy of welcoming high quality foreign talent who can contribute positively and add value to the economy of Singapore. However, over the years, MOM has examined each singapore employment pass application more thoroughly in terms of the eligibility of the candidates and background of employers when assessing each application. For example, employers of a certain size (with number of employees exceeding 10) are now required to advertise their professional and managerial vacancies in jobsbank or skillsfuture portal for 2 weeks before they can put in an application for employment pass for their foreign employees. This is to give opportunities for Singaporean job seekers to be fairly considered for the vacancies which employers are trying to fill. There are many local professional and managerial job seekers being re-trained to take on new jobs in the new economy and industries which are growing in Singapore. The government through Workforce Development Agency also offers incentives to employers to hire such candidates who are well placed to contribute to the growth of many local and foreign companies expanding in Singapore. Each singapore employment pass application is treated differently and assessed strictly on the merits of each case taking into account many strategic considerations. MOM typically requests for more information such as the financial profile of the employing company and whether they have sustainable business to hire the foreign applicants with higher costs. Foreign employment pass applicants are also required to possess specialist skills and have graduated from high quality and reputable tertiary institutions to ensure that they can contribute positively to the economy of Singapore. Despite the above measures, the number of foreign applicants for singapore employment pass is not expected to decrease as Singapore is increasing seen as a global city with a high quality of standard of living. There is a growing number of foreigners who still keen to find employment and grow their careers in Singapore.