Who Is It For?

S Pass work pass type is targeted at mid-level skilled foreigners. This work pass allows Singaporean companies to hire foreign middle level technicians or skilled workers at a salary of no less than SGD 2,400 SGD provided the foreigners possess a valuable working experience and skills relevant to the employing company nature of business and local candidates cannot be found to fill the positions. This pass is some sort of an intermediate level pass between the lowest level work permit category for blue collar workers and the highest level Employment Pass (EP) category for highly skilled and educated professional staff.

Key Features of S Pass work pass

  • The employer must apply and the sponsor the applicant;
  • This work pass category is subjected to the availability of quota for the sponsoring employer and monthly levy is payable. The quota refers to the number of local employees the company must hire first before a certain number of foreigners can be eligible for S Pass sponsorship. The current quota for S Pass sponsorship is up to maximum of 15% of total work force. The current levy payable for each approved applicant is between SGD330 to SGD650 per month for companies in the service industry. Companies in other industries are required to pay higher levies up to SGD1,000 per month per approved applicant. The levy amount is still being reviewed and is expected to increase in the foreseeable future as part of the broader government measures to manage the increasing number of foreigners working in Singapore.
  • The minimum entry level salary that allows a company to hire a foreign candidate under this category of work pass is SGD 2,400 per month;
  • A higher qualifying salary is required for candidates with extensive work experience and skills.
  • The pass is typically issued for a period of up to 2 years after which it can be renewed based on the prevailing criteria then;
  • Employers of S Pass holders can sponsor the spouse and children of S Pass holders provided the salary paid to the SP holders is no less than SGD6,000 per month;
  • Employers who employ under S Pass are subject to buying medical insurance and paying monthly levies for every employee, as well as meeting quota requirement.
  • S Pass

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements

Foreigners from any country can apply for this work pass but each application is subjected to various approving criteria which are not officially disclosed. Some of the key criteria are:

  • Salary Requirement : Although the salary threshold must be at least SGD2,400 per month, it must correspond with the person’s age, qualification and experience in relation to the local market salaries. Older or more experienced applicants are expected to meet a higher salary threshold in order to be fair to local job seekers;
  • Educational Qualification: Relevant copies of trade certificates, diplomas and any other educational qualifications (in English) are required to be submitted to support the application.
  • Relevant Work Experience:Successful candidates are expected to demonstrate skills and sufficient work experience in the job applied with commensurate salary.
S pass

The employer is expected to maintain a good and proper records with regard to payments of the statutory pension fund contributions known as Central Provident Fund (CPF) for all its local employees.

S Pass is an employer sponsored work pass targeted at mid-level skilled foreigners.

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