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A Singapore Dependent Pass (DP) is granted to a person who is married to the main pass holder, typically an Employment Pass or S Pass holder. The main pass holder, must earn a minimum monthly Fixed Salary of SGD6,000 to be eligible to apply for the DP for his/her spouse and/or children. The main pass holder can be a S Pass (SP) or an Employment Pass (EP)

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) can reject an application for a Singapore Dependent Pass for various reasons.

Below are several of many instances where an application may be rejected or delayed:

1) the applicant has a record for overstaying in Singapore on a previous occasion.

2) Not paying your taxes is another possible reason. In Singapore, MOM, Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA), Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) and all government agencies are well linked and they share information.

3) The main applicant is not able to show documentary proof of relationship with spouse or children such as marriage certificate and birth certificate.

4) The proposed dependent pass holder for example, the child is not the naturally born child of the main applicant but the child of his current spouse from his or her previous marriage.

5) The proposed Singapore dependent pass holder for example the spouse is not legally married to the main applicant.

Legally married spouse and naturally born children of main applicant have the best chance of getting a Dependent Pass. Legally adopted children may or may not be granted a dependent pass. Some countries like Australia and Canada recognize unmarried live-in-partners as legally bound. Singapore recognizes these partnerships provided it is also recognised by the government of the countries where the main applicant comes from.

To avoid any delays or face the prospects of rejections, it would be advisable that an experienced human resource staff to submit the applications. Alternatively, engaging a licensed Ministry of Manpower Employment Agencies to handle pass applications would be a good option.

It would be ideal to avoid having to make an appeal for a rejected Singapore dependent pass applications.

You would need to provide further documentary evidence and justification for the appeal and the processing time can be up to an additional 3 weeks from the date of appeal. You have 3 months to appeal the rejection. Often times, the layman is not well versed in the terminologies and is not able to decode what MOM is asking for. There is no avenue to meet the MOM approving officer to appeal your case. All appeal process must be done online and there is no avenue of meeting the approving officer to explain your circumstances.

In the most recent changes made, Singapore dependent pass holders can now work under work permit category instead of using the letter of consent which is no longer an available option for dependent pass holders looking for work.

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