Overseas Networks and Expertise Pass

Singapore introduced the Overseas Networks and Expertise Pass – (ONE) pass- with effect from Jan 2023 for globally leading talent in business, arts, culture, sports, science, technology, academia and research.

2023 promises to be an exciting year for the Singapore business and HR communities when the Ministry of Manpower inaugurates the Overseas Networks and Expertise Pass – (ONE) Pass. While the parameters are set in attracting the industries’ top business talent, with an average monthly salary of SGD 30,000 (USD 21,000), this latest work visa is also targeted at individuals with outstanding achievements in the arts and culture, sports, science and technology, and academia and research who may also qualify, strengthening Singapore’s positioning as the home of the world’s best talent of various fields.

Unlike the typical Employment Pass work visa, this latest work visa will be an independent work visa attached to the individual and not sponsored by the employing company. This means that holders will not have to re-apply when moving to another job.

What are the main benefits of the ONE Pass work visa?
a) Higher validity period: 5 years renewable for 5 years each time.
b) Significant flexibility to start and manage an activity and/or to work for different companies at the same time.
c) Holders are no longer necessary to re-apply for a new pass when changing employers.
d) Spouses of a ONE Pass holder who will be able to hold dependent pass and work under a Letter of Consent.

With the launch of the ONE Pass, Singapore is addressing long-term challenges that globally leading talent have faced in the past. It offers the employment flexibility that many expats and the growing global gig community of experts have been hoping for. It also recognizes the value-addition, not only the ONE Pass holder to the Singapore workforce and business community, it also extends more opportunities for gainful employment for their spouses.

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