Ever wonder why many are interested in obtaining a Personalised Employment Pass in Singapore? This is because this is a special self-sponsored work pass offered only to foreigners where an employer is not required at the point of application. It’s issued to senior level and high income foreigners and valid for three years though it’s non-renewable.

So what are the perks of obtaining your own Personalised Employment Pass in Singapore? Here are some of them:

Flexible Employment Opportunity

First and foremost, this pass has very strict requirements and is only given to those who earn more than average from their previous country. Many employers in Singapore will be fighting over you to work for them once you possess this prestigious pass. It’s important that you earned 18,000 SGD from your previous job, has a bachelor’s degree and a highly-skilled worker whose expertise is currently in demand in the country. Expect to get paid more once you obtained your pass.

In addition, having this pass doesn’t tie you to a single employer. You can change jobs or transfer to a different industry as you wish as long as you can find a job in six months. Otherwise, you have to leave the country.

Ease of Travel

Singapore is by far one of the most visited countries around the world. It’s a very small country and yet, many tourists and business people come here every year. That’s because of the favourable weather the whole year round as well as the Singaporeans’ way of life. People here are very disciplined, peace-loving and very particular about cleanliness and orderliness.

Meet new people

Working in Singapore allows you to meet different kinds of people from a diverse cultural background. Many foreigners come here to look for jobs and build a lucrative careers and businesses. Don’t be surprised to find yourself working with Americans, Australians and Europeans aside from the Asians who seek employment here too. You will get the chance to make new friends, build new relationships and learn a new culture too.

Aside from these major advantages, Personalised Employment Pass holders can also sponsor their spouse and children below 21 years old for a dependent pass. This way they can move to Singapore and enjoy the benefits of having a dependent pass.

Obtaining a Personalised Employment Pass is very challenging because of the strict requirements that go with it. But don’t worry because we are here to help you. Rest assured we’ll do everything we can for you to get your pass. Call us or send us a message today!