Immediate family members of professional foreign staff working in Singapore as employment pass holders typically holds a dependent pass visa to live in Singapore. They are allowed to find employment and work in Singapore and can apply to the Ministry of Manpower for an approval to work. In Singapore, this is called the Letter of Consent to Work Visa.

An who wishes to work for a Singaporean company is not only required to obtain a Dependant Pass, but also a Letter of Consent so he can start working for the said company. This also applies to family members living in Singapore and would also like to work in the country.

Where Can You Get a Letter of Consent

There is only one governing body that sets rules for foreign workers. The Ministry of Manpower possesses sole jurisdiction for non-residents and the immediate family who would like to have both employment and residency from the country.

Along with a Dependant Pass, a Letter of Consent is also a prerequisite to a worker or his spouse can start working for a Singaporean company. They also mandate the termination of such contract which means that if a Dependant Pass becomes null or is terminated, the LOC also becomes void. Both permits undergo the same process of the renewal application.

General Requirements Needed to Obtain A Letter of Consent

Dependant pass holders can also work in Singapore provided they obtain a LOC from their prospective employers. While there are a number of requirements to certify the validity of the applicant, the primary documentation needed is proof of identification and validity of consanguinity.

This means the applicant and his employer must present documents pertaining to the spousal marriage of the EP holder and proof of legitimacy or adoption for children below the age of 21.

The application is normally done on the web using the Employment Pass holder´s online account. Processing and approval usually take about 3-5 weeks.

Key Points to Remember When Applying for A Letter of Consent

Immigrating your immediate family to Singapore not only provides a big opportunity for you but for your whole family.

A few good things to consider when applying for a LOC is that working will not require the LOC holder to have a minimum salary. The permit can also be revoked by the employer when the dependent no longer works for them.

Jobs for a LOC holder are only limited to Singaporean employers and no other else. This pertains to expats and other nationalities living in the country who are also EP holders.

For jobs with a higher position like a profession in healthcare and law, a full documentation about education and work background is required to be submitted to the MOM. In addition, the DP should also be valid for at least 3 months when applying for a LOC.