Important Matters to Clear Before Leaving Singapore

the Cancellation of Singapore Employment Pass need to be initiated by the employer when the foreign employee has:

Resign or is terminated by employer;

Resign and is joining a new employer or starting a new business in Singapore;

Been Retrenched by existing employer;

The Process of Cancellation of Singapore Employment Pass

Upon the occurrence of any of the above event, it is the employer’s responsibility to cancel your employment pass. The Cancellation of Singapore Employment Pass process is best done online via MyMOM Portal as it can be processed almost immediately during office hours. The employer’s human resource department with an EP online account or through the assistance of an employment agency can submit the cancellation request.

An acknowledgement from MOM will be issued that cancellation has been successful including a letter that a short term visit pass ( STVP) upto 60 days validity is also issued at the same time. This will enable the foreigner to remain in SIngapore for 60 days either to look for another emloyment or to make necessary arrangement to leave the country.

When an employment pass is cancelled, all related passes such as Dependant’s pass and Long Term Visit Pass(LTVP) tied to the employment pass would be automatically cancelled as well.

More information about the above process can be found at this link:

Important Matters to Clear Before Leaving Singapore

  • It is highly essential that you have cleared all tax dues. Your employer would need to hold part of your last salary while submitting IR21 tax clearance to IRAS. Once IRAS has reverted with the final personal income tax amount payable by you, your employer can deduct the amount payable and return to you the balance salary payable.
  • Make sure to settle the lease agreement with your landlord if you happen to live in a rented accommodation.
  • Notify the bank, insurance companies, credit cards that you hold accounts with them and check with them if there is any formality that you need to comply with.
  • Make sure to close your accounts with all your phone and utilities suppliers.

More information of tax clearance for foreigners can be found on this link: